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Imagine a world where the purest form of water, distilled through a fascinating process, can be harnessed from the very essence of nature itself. This water not only possesses rejuvenating properties but also holds the key to unlocking the beauty secrets of your skin and hair. Well, that magical world exists, and it’s right here on our very own planet! Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of distilled water from fragrant and non-fragrant plants.

The journey begins with a process called distillation, which involves boiling water and collecting the steam in a clean container, leaving behind any impurities. This process produces distilled water that is loaded with volatile principles found in plants. Our story takes a turn here, as we delve into the two categories of distilled water: water distilled from odorless plants and water distilled from fragrant plants.

Enter the enchanting world of fragrant plants, where you’ll find rosemary, rose, thyme, mint, eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, helichrysum, juniper berries, buds of fir, feather, sabine oregano, sage, and wild thyme. These captivating plants not only entice your senses with their delightful aromas but also provide numerous benefits to your skin and hair.

As we continue our journey, it’s important to note that fresh plants should be your travel companions, as they have a greater clarity and their aroma is always sweeter and more developed. Additionally, fresh plants keep longer than dry plants, so they make for more reliable allies on this adventure.

The Magical Properties of Floral Waters & Hydrosols

Also known as hydrosols, floral and plant waters possess various magical properties that can help beautify your skin and hair. Some of these properties include softening, anti-redness, soothing, purifying, astringent, fortifying capillary, moisturizing, illuminating the complexion, purifying, sebum regulator, and toning. With such an array of powers, it’s no wonder that these waters have become a secret weapon for many in their quest for beauty and wellness.

Matching Floral Waters to Your Skin Type: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

As we approach the end of our journey, it’s time to choose the right type of water that can help improve the health and appearance of your skin and hair. Different types of floral and plant waters correspond to different skin types in terms of benefits. Here are some examples to guide you on your path:

Dry Skin:

Seek the soothing powers of lavender water, Roman chamomile water, and orange blossom water.

Sensitive and Reactive Skin:

Find solace in Italian helichrysum water, cypress water, cistus water, and chamomile water.

Normal to Oily Skin:

Embrace the balancing touch of lavender water and geranium water.

Mixed Skin:

Discover a harmonious blend of lavender water, rose water, mint water, juniper water, geranium water, and cornflower water.

Acneic Skin:

Face your challenges with thyme water (for acne in young boys), rosemary verbenone water (cutaneous and oral), clary sage water (for acne in young girls), and blueberry water.

Anti-aging/Mature Skin:

Turn back time with rose water, Italian helichrysum water, carrot water, cistus water, and clary sage water.

Atone Skin:

Invoke the powers of clary sage water, myrtle water, witch hazel water, and carrot water.

As our adventure comes to a close, remember that each individual sheet in the following chapter details the virtues of floral or plant water. By understanding the properties of floral and plant waters and their corresponding skin types, you can choose the right type of water that can help improve the health and appearance of your skin and hair. Now, go forth and unlock the secrets of distilled water from fragrant and non-fragrant plants, and let the magic begin!

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