Françoise Rapp

Revolutionary Perfumery

Nestled in a new era of fragrances, it sits somewhere between the innate ritual of perfumery and the power of the spiritual realm. This innovative scent harmonizes your inner vibrations, leaving you with a feeling of deep, lasting alignment and a profound sense of wellness and inner peace.

How can this be, you might ask? Our formula combines exclusive natural essences handcrafted with passion and love just for you. When sprayed generously, it evokes a sense of true balance and wellbeing.

It’s all thanks to Françoise’s intuitive ability and connection with nature, which allows her to carefully select the most noble essences according to your needs and desires. 

This fragrance is different, that’s what makes it strong. It inaugurates a new era of perfume, parallel to more traditional scents. This helps to think of perfume as a work of art. Our planet is troubled, we must give it meaning, which Botanica de Suriname for Flowering Pharmacy by Françoise Rapp succeeds in doing brillantly by paying special attention to the Earth.

From a strictly olfactory point of view, this strong composition evoked to me the beautiful classical chypres with their intrinsic strength. For me, this signifies a new genre…

Marie-Bénédicte Gaulthier

Beauty Director Prisma Media
– Fifi awards expert judge and author “Aphorismes d’un parfumeur”
with Dominique Ropion.