Françoise Rapp

La créatrice

Françoise has 25 years’ experience in the natural skincare and perfumery sector, working with luxury brands and a confidential clientele to create beautiful, bespoke natural perfumes.

She spent more than 10 years in California in the 1990s, where she honed her trade and taught the principles of holistic healing,  aromachology, and natural perfumery.

She is an expert in aromachology and how scents affect positively our wellness & emotions, tutored by the world-renowned alternative medicine advocate, Deepak Chopra.

Now based between Paris and Provence, she enjoys having her creative studio close to the natural raw materials she uses to create her scents. Immersing herself in nature allows her to study its contributions to our overall wellbeing and uphold her ecological values.

As well as her training and practical work, Françoise is an accomplished author and has written for many French and international publications, including Flammarion and Prisma Presse. She is also a regular expert contributor to articles in her field.

Françoise created the 2022 award winning sustainable perfume in the brand category with Flowering Pharmacy. As the resident botanical perfumer she has created an exclusive, natural perfumes with profits from its sales going to a charity that supports American music artists through difficult times, as well as charities chosen by the music artists themselves. 

Se is involved with projects all over the world from Japanese and Korean cosmetic companies to US ventures. 

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