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French Natural Aromatherapy online certification program

Our French natural aromatherapy online certification course is part of International Perfume Foundation curriculum. Being certified by International Perfume Foundation is to be the ambassador of excellence and part of a world growing community and network of professionals defending values of quality and sustainability. This certification program has been designed for individuals and professionals interested in advancing their journey into aromatherapy by becoming certified. This online course provides you with a solid foundation in aromatherapy so you can begin or add to your practice, build your business, or simply be empowered to care for yourself and your family using plant-derived essential oils.

A transformative learning experience, the program is designed for anyone interested in a meaningful exploration of French natural aromatherapy and essential oils. The program is interactive, comprehensive and lively. Think of it as your expertly guided journey into the world of professional aromatherapy. Françoise Rapp is chairman, France & the lead instructor of International Perfume Foundation for the curriculum of French Natural  Aromatherapy and Natural French Perfumery

The course is available in English, Arabic and Chinese (May 2023)

Each of our courses provide you with the option to pay in multiple payments

What you will learn as part
of the program

The French natural aromatherapy
certification program objectives


– The history of aromatherapy
– From essence to essential oil
– The different processes of extracting an essential oil from the plant
– The difference between hydrosols and essential oils
– The healing uses of essential oils


– What determines the quality of an essential oil?
– The quality controls and criteria
– The data references
– The logos and labels
– The certifications of analysis
– Reading the labels
– The aromatogramme: how to determine the efficiency of essential oils


– Seven key uses of essential oils
– The safe uses of essential oils
– What not to do
– What to do if you misuse essential oils


– The botanical families and their properties
– The botanical families and their cautious uses
– What is a chemotype?
– How to determine the properties and qualities of essential oils
– Biochemistry and wellness properties


Detailed portrait for health, wellness, beauty and aromacology of 25 essential oils + 75 recipes and tips to make for your practice (spa, esthetician, therapist) and at home.                                                                                                           

Learn about : basil, bergamot, camomilla roman, cinnamon (bark), eucalyptus -globulus, eucalyptus radiata, frankincense, geranium, ginger, helichrysum, katrafay, fine lavender, yellow lemon, neroli, niaouli, sweet orange, peppermint, petitgrain bigarade, ravintsara, rose, rosemary (cineole), tea tree, thyme (linalol), wintergreen, ylang ylang


 – Rules of blending and safety
– Dosages for bath, cutaneous uses, diffusion etc.                                                             – Dosages for young children, teenagers, adults and seniors                                         – The neutral bases : vegetable oils, vegetable butters, clays.                                         – The process of making a vegetable oil at home or for your business from seeds and nuts                                                                                                                                         –  The method to make your own flower & plant maceration oil                                    – 30 recipes and tips to make for your practice (spa, esthetician, therapist) and at home



– Introduction to floral waters and hydrosols                                                                       – Introduction to make your own at home.                                                                           – Six key points that determine the quality
– The healing uses for health, wellness and beauty
– The rules of blending plus safety                                                                                          – 15 recipes to make for your practice (spa, esthetician, therapist) and at home


– 10 Case studies reviewed                                                                                                      – Processes and rules
– New luxury code
– Final test

Length of the course: 4 weeks

The course includes International Perfume Foundation (IPF) Certification as an aromatherapist and have your name listed in the IPF Directory. This program is the first step to become certified perfumotherapist. 

The Logistics

This course is very well thought out. Module two is rather challenging, but it’s a good challenge and I feel it will prepare me for this profession and what I can expect to encounter. It ensures an in-depth understanding of aromatherapy so I have the knowledge, integrity and authority when educating future clients and consumers. It also makes me investigate the composition of the oils and their effects further so I can use them safely.

Maria R.

June 2021 session

Exciting, didactic and very pleasant. It is exhaustive, perfectly illustrated, including precise information on the ingredients and the safe and responsible use of Essential oils.  Françoise offers a flexible and adaptable follow-up to many different profiles, during training, but also after. She is very available and open to questions, discussions, debates of all kinds and has created a facebook group on which you can exchange with her and the other students.

Every week you can test your knowledge thanks to an assessment system, with the help and kind feedback of the teacher, motivating and helping you to review the course in depth, raise doubts and finally retain the essential.

Marion G.

June 2021 session

This course is truly thoroughly thought out. This module 2 is a bit hard because we must assimilate more new concepts (with all the scientific and lab assessments), but it’s a good challenge, and I feel it will prepare us for this profession, what we can expect to encounter. It also gives us in -depth knowledge to gain respect and authority as an aromatherapist, in case we must explain or educate our future clients or consumers about our products.

It also makes us investigate more the composition or constituents of essential oils and their effects, that are important to know, for health and safety reasons.


June 2021 session

After Graduation

Graduates of the International Perfume Foundation certification program have a wide range of potential careers to explore after their learning journey, including:

Frequently asked questions

Yes. This course is open to everyone with an interest in deepening their knowledge of aromatherapy.

We are often asked this question. We believe one of the most unique features is our balanced, progressive and inspiring teaching, which inspires a new generation of aromatherapists to develop and succeed. Françoise is an expert teacher with more than 25 years’ experience in the field and she will be on hand to guide you every step of the way.

You can purchase the essential oils that you will study in the program. You don’t have to buy them all at once and can choose the ones you will be using most often. You will also need a mailbox, a good internet connection for the Zoom meetings and a Facebook account to sign into the student lounge should you wish to.

Not really, we prefer to meet face-to-face during the course via Zoom so we can be on hand to answer any queries or concerns.

Yes, we are an international school and people sign up from all across the globe, however please note, the course is delivered in English.

French natural aromatherapy certification

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received in writing no later than two weeks before the start date of the course to be eligible for a refund, less a 10% cancellation fee. Cancellations received less than two weeks prior to the start date of the course, but 72 hours before the start of the course are eligible for a refund less 20% of the full registration price. Failure to appear at the program with no written cancellation 72 hours prior to the program will result in complete forfeiture of the registration fee. Registrations are non-transferable. Cancellation requests must be received in writing by email to and Françoise will reply with a written acknowledgement.