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“In the fall, I buried all my sorrows in my garden. Then, when April bloomed again, and the earth and spring celebrated their nuptials, my garden was strewn with splendid and exceptional flowers.” – Khalil Gibran.

Fall is a season of transition, where we reflect on what we have accomplished so far and prepare for the winter retreat and the year ahead. It’s a difficult season for many as it marks the end of summer, its vital energy, and the onset of winter. Losing the exciting summer light is difficult for many of us.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, autumn is linked with the lung’s energy, symbolized by melancholy and the work of the breath. This season, focusing on real breathing work is essential to open and lighten your emotions, let go, and reconnect with yourself. In many traditions, breath is the energy of life. The work of breathing increases vitality and dynamism. While physical exercise works on the body, meditation on the mind, and respiratory work acts on emotions. When we breathe automatically, we exchange ½ liter of air roughly with each breath. Still, when we live consciously, we exchange 5 liters of air. Combined with breathing work, natural essences chosen for their properties on the psyche, you will thus increase the well-being of the body and mind.

Traditional Ayurveda

In Traditional Indian medicine named Ayurveda, Pranayama is the 8th discipline of yoga. It focuses on the breathing work to balance the body and mind. For example, solar breathing, or Surya benihana, energizes the body and mind. In contrast, lunar breathing, Chandra benihana, on the contrary, promotes inner calmness. Solar breathing is practiced by inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling through the left nostril. For lunar breathing, it is the other way around.

When we accompany each breath with a natural essence, it can enhance the benefits. Pouring one to three drops of essential oil on a paper tissue to breathe before the exercise can help balance the season’s energy.

Fall Natural Essences to Balance the Energies of the Season

This fall, five essential oils will wonderfully help all the physical and energetic work to accompany you well during this season. They will help to relax the body, lighten the emotions, energize vital energy, calm the mind, and regain enthusiasm.

  • Bergamot essence: awakens enthusiasm and joie de vivre while letting you let go of the mind. It goes very well with the essential oil of Roman chamomile and its honey-like note.
  • Roman Chamomile: essential oil is solar. It brings the mind back to inner calm by allowing the mind to let go. It is the essential oil to fight minor anxieties, anxiety, and negative moods (in combination with the essential oils of bergamot).
  • Cardamom: essential oil brings flavor back to life. It also helps alleviate the emotional burdens that you keep to yourself. Breathing in its essence helps to regain the desire for … Mix it with bergamot, and you will have a sparkling and joyful note that will make you want to sink your teeth into life.
  • Black Spruce: essential oil is the one that saves you from fatigue in the fall and also in winter. To breathe, it is to dive into Canada’s boreal forests. Its fragrance is woody, fresh, and balsamic. It goes well with other facets such as wood, balsamic, Hesperides, …
  • Scots Pine: essential oil stimulates the body by acting directly on the adrenal glands (it increases cortisol levels when used on the skin). It also brings a feeling of solidity and anchoring. Mix it with the essence of bergamot to make you feel light and light on the ground or that of black spruce to combat physical and mental fatigue.

Feel free to take the first step if you’ve never breathed as directed. This is the one that matters! Learn how to master essential oils for wellness with our French Natural Aromachology course. During this course, you will gain unique knowledge on how to apply them and understand how this works.


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