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Aromachology in Japan : Exploring its Origin and Essential Oils from Endemic Plants

Japan is a country known for its rich history of art and culture, and one of its unique contributions to the world is the practice of aromachology. This innovative practice was pioneered and developed in Japan in the early 20th century, a time when the country was undergoing significant changes. The Meiji period was characterized […]

How Limonene in citrus and essential oils enhances mood and vitality

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Have you ever wondered why a whiff of citrus or essential oils can instantly uplift your mood? It’s all thanks to limonene, a natural compound found in high concentrations in many citrus fruits and essential oils. Limonene is known to stimulate both the body and mind, promoting feelings of positivity and well-being. It works by […]

Aromachology, the link between emotions and smell

A Whiff of Aromachology: Unraveling the Science of Scents Picture this: you’re strolling through a bustling market and suddenly hit with a familiar scent. It transports you back to your grandmother’s kitchen, where she’s baking your favorite cookies. Just like that, you’re enveloped in a warm embrace of memories, emotions, and perhaps even a touch […]

Spring Wellness: Ayurveda & Chinese Medicine Tips

As Khalil Gibran said, “The flowers of spring are the dreams of winter told, in the early morning, at the table of the angels.” Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation. After the long, cold winter months, the earth awakens, and new life emerges. The new energies of the season awaken our senses, […]

Olfaction: The Power of Scent and Memory

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Have you ever caught a whiff of a familiar scent that instantly transported you back to a cherished memory? Our sense of smell, or olfaction, is a powerful and often underappreciated aspect of the human experience, capable of triggering solid emotions and altering behavior. How Does Olfaction Work? Our noses are equipped with the olfactory […]

Winter Best Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

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Arthur Rimbaud once said, “I dread winter because it is the season of comfort!” At first glance, it might seem like an oxymoron – how could anyone find comfort in the harshness of winter? But for those who know how to nurture themselves naturally and effectively, winter becomes a time of quiet reflection, personal growth, […]

Fall Scents : A Season for Soul Connection

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“In the fall, I buried all my sorrows in my garden. Then, when April bloomed again, and the earth and spring celebrated their nuptials, my garden was strewn with splendid and exceptional flowers.” – Khalil Gibran. Fall is a season of transition, where we reflect on what we have accomplished so far and prepare for […]