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Oriental Perfumes: Warm and Deep Notes

Oriental perfumes, also known as “amber perfumes,” encompass a wide range of scents that belong to the oriental olfactory family, which is the second most influential family in the world of perfumery, following the floral family. These amber perfumes are renowned for their warm, deep, and sensual aromas. They are crafted using ingredients such as […]

Woody Perfumes : The Backbone of Perfumery

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of natural perfumery as we deeply dive into the woody family of scents. With their earthy and warm notes, perfume lovers have cherished woody fragrances for centuries. This article will explore the origins, characteristics, and popular ingredients within this olfactory family. The Allure of Woody Fragrances Drawing inspiration from […]

Chypre Perfumes: The Epitome of Sophistication and Elegance

Regarding fragrance families, Chypre perfumes undoubtedly hold a special place. With their unparalleled sophistication and elegance, Chypre perfumes have become a symbol of refinement in the world of fragrances. What are Chypre Perfumes?  Chypre perfumes are known for their distinct character and unique composition. While they may initially appear discreet in their top and heart […]

Exploring Extraction Types in Natural Perfumery

Have you ever thought that natural fragrances are only made of essential oils? Think again! There are different ways to extract natural essences, and each offers distinct olfactory qualities, even if they come from the same plant. Let’s take a closer look at the various types of extraction methods used to create a sophisticated natural […]

The Art of Natural Perfumery : floral accord

A Journey Through the World of Floral Scents Floral scents have captivated our senses throughout history, whisking us away to ancient lands and enchanting our imaginations. From the Romans, who held the rose in high regard, to Cleopatra, who beguiled those around her with ointments with cassia, rose, and saffron. European queens adorned themselves with […]

The Mysterious World of Silent Flowers

Imagine walking through a garden filled with the most enchanting fragrances, so captivating that you wish to bottle them up and cherish them forever. But what if I told you there are some flowers whose scents are impossible to extract? These elusive blooms are known as silent flowers. Their enchanting aromas fill gardens and rooms, leaving […]

The Art of Natural Perfumery: Narcissus

  Natural perfumery is the art of creating fragrances using only natural ingredients. Narcissus is a popular flower used in natural perfumery for its unique scent. In this blog post, we will explore the history of narcissus in perfumery, its scent profile, and its benefits. Narcissus is a genus of predominantly spring-blooming perennial plants in the […]

Iris Pallida: An Exceptional Ingredient in Natural Perfumery

Iris pallida is a sacred and mythical plant used in cosmetics and fragrant balms for nearly millennia in Egypt. It was also appreciated by Catherine de Medicis and is still used in natural perfumery. This exceptional ingredient adds a sophisticated note to fragrance formulations. But what about its identity, and what does this treasure hidden […]

Fougère Accord in Natural Perfumery

Fougère natural fragrance accord is a relatively new addition to the world of perfumery, unlike oriental or woody fragrances, which have been around for centuries. Before the creation of the first fougère fragrance, heavy and animal scents were popular. During the Renaissance, opulent musk, civet, and amber fragrances were famous, despite hygiene not always being […]

Natural Perfumery: Exotic Floral Scents of Frangipani and Tiare Flowers

Frangipani and tiare flowers are synonymous with mellow holidays by the beach, as their irresistible sensual scent captivates our senses and makes us feel seductive and incredibly feminine. Although they both belong to the floral perfume family, they have unique differences that set them apart from each other. The Origin of Frangipani The frangipani, also […]

What Is Natural Perfumery?

what is natural perfumery

Since the beginning, people have been finding new and innovative ways to use natural perfume to enhance their status and culture. Today, the art of natural perfumery is still relevant. It offers a timeless art form that impacts your health and mood positively. In this article, we will explore the fragrant, euphoric, and enticing topic […]