Françoise Rapp

About Us

Our Story

Françoise Rapp is a renowned French certified Master natural perfumer, aromatherapist aromachologist, with a strong focus on healing emotions and balancing energies through the subtle power of scent.

A one of a kind artist, Françoise is never more at home than when she is working with nature. She is an inspiring visionary and creative mind, with a deep-rooted ecological conscience, which blossomed during her childhood.

She is keen to spread the word and share her skills and decades of experience in the healing power of natural perfumes through professional collaborations.

Unreservedly innovative and creative, Françoise is a member of the International Perfume Foundation and a partner for international conferences. She is highly regarded in her field.

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Our Philosophy

Quality, respect and consciousness are the pillars of what we do – our non-negotiable mantra. Working with consciousness is essential to the future of our world. We are aware of the magnitude of everything we do and that everything we create is far bigger than we are.

Revolutionary Perfumery

This innovative new perfumery is more than just skin deep and crosses the boundaries of convention. Nestled in a new era of fragrances, it sits somewhere between the innate ritual of perfumery and the power of the spiritual realm.